That I used to love with all my heart

there are so many bands that i used to love with all my heart that i don't even remember anymore.

lyrics to songs i could sing pitch-perfect right on cue. i miss the songs and the music and the mosh pit, but then i start listening to one of my old albums and i don't want to finish it. it's a very uncomfortable part of growing up.

i listen to music almost exclusively on the computer now. it disgusts me. the first music i owned was on a cassette tape...

i'm going to be a dj – i'm so excited. maybe that will take me back to my past, the days when i made mixtapes, pressing record and stop and playing it back, rewinding and copying it over until it was perfect.

the days when i scribbled angsty song lyrics all over everything.

i have the new strokes album and i'm listening to it right now, but it's on the computer and i'm not paying that much attention. if i were the girl i used to be, i'd be laying in bed reading the liner notes, but i don't have any – i downloaded this music. it's become just another commodity, less of a love.